Whistleblower Laws

Whistleblower laws were designed to protect employees from retaliation as a result of reporting employer wrongdoing. Under California Law, it is unlawful for an employer to take any retaliatory action against an employee who discloses information to any governmental or law enforcement agency with the reasonable belief that their employer has engaged in wrongdoing.

If you have filed a complaint against your employer with a government agency or cooperated with law enforcement officials in an investigation of your company and believe that you are now being retaliated against as a result, contact Tustin Employment Attorney Terry K. Davis today!

At the Tustin Law Office of Employment Lawyer Terry Davis, we have been helping plaintiff employees obtain monetary damages from employers for violating state and federal whistleblower protection laws. Mr. Davis’s primary concern is to make sure that your rights as an employee are not being violated, and to obtain compensation for you if they have been!

Whistleblower Laws protect workers from employer retaliation for exercising their legal rights, including:

  • Filing a report against your employer for any workplace violations, such as discrimination, harassment, wage and overtime violations, safety violations, and rest break or meal break violations
  • Testifying against your employer in a legal dispute or cooperating with agencies investigating company wrongdoing
  • Filing for workers compensation benefits because you have sustained an on the job injury.

Although whistleblower laws exist to protect individuals in the situations outlined above, employees may still find themselves subjected to retaliatory conduct. If you have asserted any of your legal rights by providing information about employer wrongdoing, whistleblower laws specifically prohibit retaliatory actions which occur as a result, such as your employer:

  • Reducing Hours
  • Cutting Pay
  • Harassment
  • Demotions
  • Refusal to Promote
  • Firing

If you are an employee who believes that your employer is engaging in retaliatory conduct as a result of your cooperation with investigative agencies, contact Tustin Employment Attorney Terry K. Davis at 714.558.9529. Failure to act in a timely manner could result in the loss of your legal rights!

If you have taken action to protect your rights or to help protect the rights of others, and as a result your employer has demoted you, cut your pay, is harassing you, or has terminated you, please fill out the Employment Law Case Evaluation Form. A representative from the Tustin Law Office of Employment Attorney Terry Davis will contact you to discuss your case after we have reviewed the information provided.

At the Tustin Law Office of Employment Attorney Terry Davis, we have over 30 years experience obtaining monetary awards for whistleblower employees who have become the victims of workplace retaliation.

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