Family & Medical Leave Act

Tustin Employment Attorney Terry K. Davis has been successfully representing employees in actions against their employers for violations committed under the California Family Rights Act and Family Medical Leave Act for over 30 years. As skilled, knowledgeable Employment Attorney, Terry Davis has dedicated his legal career to protecting Employees’ Rights.

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Under State and Federal Law, employers with 50 or more employees must allow qualifying employees (those who have worked at least 1,250 hours in the past year) 12 weeks of Family Leave or Medical Leave each year. Employees who choose to exercise these rights cannot be terminated, suspended, or discriminated against.

Unfortunately, companies often deny their employees the right to take leave, or punish them as a result. Tustin Family and Medical Leave Attorney Terry K. Davis has been representing clients in lawsuits for family and medical leave violations since 1993.

Qualifying Conditions

Employees must be allowed to take family or medical leave in any of the following situations:

  • When the employee or their spouse, child or parent has been diagnosed with a serious health condition requiring inpatient medical care or continuous, ongoing medical treatment
  • When an employee or their spouse either gives birth to or adopts a child

What is Required

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, an employer must:

  • Allow a qualifying employee to take a total of 12 weeks unpaid leave in a one year time period
  • Maintain the employee’s seniority and return the employee to the same position they held or to a similar position
  • Maintain the employee’s benefits while they are on leave

Documentation from a physician regarding the medical condition and expected duration of leave must be provided by the employee.

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